Distancing Yourself from Sitting-Down Syndrome

Posted on By Wasserman Chiro

Do you work behind a desk all day and suffer with neck and back pain? If you use a desktop or laptop in your home, office, or school, you may not be aware that distancing yourself from Sitting-Down Syndrome may be as easy as adjusting how close, or far away, you sit from your computer.

Many students, office workers, and home computer users being treated for Sitting-Down Syndrome are unaware that the amount of space between their body, chair, and desk can result in severe, debilitating back pain if they are not seated at an optimal distance from their computers.

Chiropractors report that without knowing it, computer users seated too far away from their computers tend to lean forward and reach for their keyboard. In turn, overworked muscles and tendons are subsequently forced to compensate for the unnatural action of slumping forward. Over a period of time, this action often results in debilitating neck, back, and shoulder pain due to improper sitting positions.

Many patients suffering from the painful effects of Sitting-Down Syndrome are surprised to find pulling their chairs in toward their computer so that the keyboard is positioned at their fingertips can substantially alleviate the neck, back, and shoulder pain attributed to Sitting-Down Syndrome. Sadly, these same patients find out much too late that reaching for their computers often requires the services of professional chiropractors to rectify the damage caused by Sitting-Down Syndrome.