Patient of the Month

January 2020

Patient of the Month: January 2020
In November 2019, three weeks before I was to leave for a hiking trip to Macchu Pichu when my lower back started to act up. The pain was nearly constant, and it hurt almost down to my knee. How was I ever going to deal with the mountains of Peru? I needed to do something, and I needed to do it quickly. Several friends suggested that I try a chiropractor, but never having been treated by one, I was hesitant. Dr. Wasserman’s group is well known in town and came highly recommended, and I felt desperate. So I called…. and I’m really glad I did. I got an appointment right away, and Dr. Wasserman put me on a three-visit per week plan. Massage therapy and adjustments each visit. It helped tremendously! The pain was greatly relieved and I was able to function easily in the mountains, and my trip was a success. When I returned I continued with Dr. Wasserman and Dr. Krzeminski three times a week for a while, then two, and now I am seen once a week. My back is much better and my leg is pain-free. I appreciate the entire staff at Wasserman. Everyone is professional, highly competent, kind, and respectful. I get appointments when I need them, I’m never kept waiting, and everyone knows who I am. I’m now a believer, and I highly recommend this group!

September 2019

Patient of the Month: September 2019
My regular Chiropractor left his practice and I had trouble finding a replacement. After trying out others I was told to go to Dr. Wasserman. Reluctantly I went because I was in pain and needed release. I was greeted warmly by the front office staff from the moment I walked in. They are friendly, yet professional at the same time.

I was taken to the therapy room expecting electrical stimulation, which I received in every practice I had ever visited. Much to my surprise I was given a massage by a licensed therapist. The relief I felt during and after the massage was tremendous. Just like the front office staff the therapists are friendly and professional. I can not imagine an office visit without a massage first.

I then saw Dr. Wasserman who was understanding with my questions and thorough with his exam. He helped alleviate the pain in my back and I feel better than I have in a long time. Since my initial visit, I have seen Dr. K as well. He is also amazing and I have no preference for doctors as they are equally wonderful.

I have suffered back pain on and off for over 25 years and I am grateful to Dr. Wasserman and his staff for their gifted work. I can think of no higher form of flattery than recommending someone. I have sent Dr. Wasserman over 5 friends and colleagues and will continue to do so because I believe in the office that much.


Bruce K

June 2019

Patient of the Month: June 2019
Wasserman chiropractic has helped me so much with my pain. They have a great staff that really cares about you. Thank you so much.

Sincerely Suzanne B

May 2019

Patient of the Month: May 2019

I want to say thank you to the entire team at Wasserman Chiropractic. I am always greeted with smiles when I come in! Everyone is truly there to help in whatever way they can…to help all those they come across, even to a guy that comes hobbling in, hunched over and dragging a leg like I’m practicing for an Igor audition. Always with a word of encouragement or a light banter, they make you feel welcome. It is such a joy to be around caring people in a time of need, it will be a bittersweet parting when my healing process is near completion.

I came into this office after months of pain and in the last 6 weeks, I have seen more improvement than the previous 4 months combined! I may still have a bit of road to travel before I am healed, but I know that with the help of Dr. Wasserman and the wonderful staff in his office, I’ll make it to the finish. Thank you again!

Alex T.

March 2019

Patient of the Month: March 2019

When I first came to see Dr. Wasserman… I was in terrible pain, unable to function in my daily activities. Unable to do my yoga practice. After the first two visits—I saw an immediate improvement in my pain level. After a few weeks of treatment—my pain is almost gone. Dr. Wasserman and his staff are top-notch. They are caring, and compassionate and the massage team is AMAZING! I feel like I’m spending time with friends…while healing my body.

Thanks for taking away my pain!

Marcy L.

February 2019

Patient of the Month: February 2019

Dr. Wasserman and the staff are awesome and truly care about your well-being! They are like a family and make you feel welcome. Their care is amazing, insightful, compassionate, and attentive. I have been coming to the for over 4 years and will continue to come back.

Always thankful,

Bree C.

January 2019

Patient of the Month: January 2019

My experience at Wasserman Chiropractic has been exceptional. The staff has a way of treating their patients like family and making them feel important while continuing to focus on customized care.

Melissa F.

November 2018

Patient of the Month: November 2018

Dr. Wasserman and Dr. K from day one have listened and worked with me to get to the bottom line of my pain. If it weren’t for them and their wealth of knowledge, I would still be suffering tremendously. They explain everything in detail to me and answer any of my questions. I truly thank my lucky stars for being recommended to this wonderful practice. That’s why I have and will continue to recommend it all around!!! Phenomenal, family-friendly doctors, outstanding massage therapists, and wonderful office staff!!! I wish my husband and I found Wasserman Chiropractic 14 years ago when we moved from New York!!!

Amanda S.

October 2018

Patient of the Month: October 2018

The Wasserman Team has been a Godsend! I arrived with three herniated discs and debilitating pain, and after two treatments and physical therapy in their onsite facility, I felt instant relief! Their experience, knowledge, expertise, and friendly staff have enabled me to live pain-free for over a year!

Antonio M.

September 2018

Patient of the Month: September 2018

I’ve struggled with back problems for years, even having surgery on my L5/S1 in 2014. At the beginning of 2018, I thought I slept poorly and my neck was hurting. I went on like that for weeks, until I finally googled and came across Wasserman Chiropractic. I had been to chiropractors previously, so I thought I knew what to expect however this office was different. The massage by a person versus a machine and the gym where I was shown proper exercise technique really put this office above others I’ve been to in the past. It took about a month of me going 2-3x a week for my neck to be able to move again! The staff and doctors are all so friendly and make me look forward to coming in for my maintenance appointments!

Marguerita O.

June 2018

June 2018 Patient of the Month

Any ailments or pain… visit Wasserman Chiropractic to feel better faster and stronger quicker!

Teresita J.

March 2018

March 2018 Patient of the Month

Dr. Wasserman and Staff are amazing…professional at their best! I have been coming to this office for four years and always leave feeling better. I highly recommend Wasserman Chiropractic!

Kenneth K.

February 2018

February 2018 Patient of the Month

When I first came to Wasserman Chiropractic I was a mess, Dr. Wasserman did a good deed. The staff is wonderful and made me Much better. I still come for massage which helps me a lot!

Ileane T.

January 2018

Patient of the Month: January 2018

It has been my personal experience to have had the good fortune of spending 3 months attending your fantastic chiropractic office. My auto accident left me with many painful areas and issues. My initial meeting with Dr. Wasserman was as thorough as I could have possibly imagined. From the moment I walked through the doors I felt like I was part of the family. Your talented staff carried out your instructions and I concur that I am finally feeling close to what I had hoped for. As the weeks turned into three months I found that not only did my body respond to the prescribed treatment, but psychologically I began to feel like my “ole” self again… full of confidence without ever thinking of the horrible auto accident. I would recommend your expertise and facility to whoever should need a chiropractor.

Thank you and your entire staff for all you have done for me physically and mentally, always sincere and genuine!

I remain, sincerely yours,
Warren B.

December 2017

December 2017 Patient of the Month

From the minute I entered this place to now, it has been a positive experience. I fell in love with everybody – from Michele to Claudia, it is always a lot of love. The professionalism and the knowledge of everyone never falter. Although I can use the time allocated for my therapy doing work at home, I feel already a pinch of sadness, knowing that my therapy cannot continue forever. I will cherish the time spent here and the love we shared forever.

Love is what matters,
Joseph B.

October 2017

Patient of the Month: October 2017

I just wanted to let it be known that Wasserman Chiropractic has been the best experience I have had at a doctor’s office. They are professional, prompt, organized, and always happy. I love this place. The staff and doctors are truly amazing and despite my pain, they always make me smile.
A 5-star company for sure.

A very happy patient,
Dawn S.

August 2017

Patient of the Month: August 2017

As a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the body’s musculoskeletal system, Dr. Andrew Wasserman’s comprehensive chiropractic care, through a plethora of occidental and western medicine providing medical techniques (i.e, decompression, massage therapy, etc.) has aided me, and countless of others, who struggle with pain and limited activity.

Wasserman Chiropractic diagnoses and treats through diet, exercise, and other non-evasive measures affecting and having to do with the body’s neuromuscular disorders.

Alex J.

February 2017

February 2017 Patient of the Month

My experience at Wasserman Chiropractic has been nothing short of fantastic from the great office staff to the excellent therapists and doctors. I am amazed at how great I feel every time I leave the office and how long that feeling stays. The doctors take the time to listen to my complaints and treat me accordingly. I have been a patient for almost 10 years and will continue to use Wasserman Chiropractic in the future.

Carrie K.

January 2017

Patient of the Month: January 2017

I am a professional tennis coach, who has taught at the Coral Springs Tennis Center and Cypress Park for 12 years. I am also a former Caribbean Davis Cup player. A few weeks ago, in early November, I went into a severe back spasm. The pain was excruciating! I was bent to the side like a pretzel, could not walk (only a slow shuffle), and could not sit in a chair either. The slightest movement caused tremendous pain in my back, and down my right leg. Luckily I was referred to Dr. Wasserman. On my first visit, I could not sit in the waiting room because of the pain. The doctor took me straight into therapy and he and his awesome team began my recovery. Now a month later, after regular visits for adjustments, therapy, and exercises I am very happy to say that I am pain-free and back at the courts giving lessons. Thank you, Dr. Wasserman! “You Da Man” Compton Russell Professional Tennis Coach

Compton R.

November 2016

November 2016 Patient of the Month

For the past few years, I have received stellar chiropractic services from Wasserman Chiropractic due to a whiplash injury. The chiropractors, massage therapists, and office staff are professional, well-informed and, most of all, caring. Regular adjustments have helped me maintain my general health and well-being. They are very dependable and are always available when I need a “spur of the moment” adjustment between my regular office visits. Wasserman Chiropractic has been an invaluable part of my healthcare regimen for 3 years and I will never look back.

Devonne L.

October 2016:

October 2016 Patient of the Month

For the last 4 years or so Wasserman Chiropractic has been there for not only myself but for my entire family. Not only have I come in for “monthly maintenance” as I like to call it, but when I injured my knee, they got me up and running quickly. When my injury first happened I did what most people would do and went to my regular doctor. When I was told that I would need surgery, the first thing I did was give Courtney a call. She had me in to see the Dr right away. Dr. Wasserman was so caring and concerned about the pain that I was experiencing. That was the best call that could have been made. When my family first moved to Coral Springs, my husband was living with chronic pain. Dr. Wasserman told us about decompression therapy. Not wanting to have to face surgery for my husband’s pain we decided to give it a try. They have given my husband the gift of walking without pain (something that hasn’t happened since his injury at work in 1999). Our son is very active in sports and has experienced injuries that have ranged from contusion bruising on his hip bone to a severe knee injury that included blood on the bone. The therapy staff and the doctors were wonderful and patient with him. They got our boy back out on the court in time for the championship game. No matter what the issue has been, the doctors and the therapists are the best in the business. Let’s not forget the wonderful ladies at the front desk. You will never meet any that are nicer or more sympathetic. I will not go anywhere else. Thank you, Dr. Wasserman and the entire staff at Wasserman Chiropractics for EVERYTHING! You guys are really the best all-around chiropractic care. Not only with helping your patients get better, but feel better too. I, nor my family, would not be where we are today without your excellent care.

September 2016:

September 2016 Patient of the Month

A few months ago, I was experiencing severe pain in my right shoulder that would reverberate down my arm to my elbow.  The pain was so severe that I was not able to sleep or perform my most basic daily activities. Since I had been to Wasserman Chiropractic before related to a minor back issue, I thought they might be able to help with my shoulder pain. Upon calling for an appointment, the front office was so helpful and caring . . . they were able to schedule an appointment for me immediately.  Dr. Krzeminski listened carefully to my layman’s description of the pain I was feeling, determined the diagnosis, and devised a treatment plan and schedule.  He patiently worked around my business travel schedule in order to ensure he prescribed a treatment plan that would deliver optimal results in the minimum amount of time. It is difficult to express how I feel about the professionalism and compassion that Wasserman Chiropractic and its staff emanates.  From the front office to the back office, you will consistently be treated with the utmost respect.   Wasserman Chiropractic will always be my first choice for my neuromuscular disorders and concerns and I recommend that they be your first choice as well.

August 2016:

Patient of the Month: August 2016

Thank you to everyone at Wasserman Chiropractic!

Dr. Wasserman & Dr. K are AMAZING and have provided me with superior care and a wealth of knowledge! They both really care about their patient’s overall health and happiness. I can’t say enough great things about the office and the entire staff. I have received individualized care, stretching, strength training, and massage. Everyone is extremely insightful, compassionate, and attentive. It has been a truly enjoyable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a better quality, pain-free lifestyle!

July 2016:

Patient of the Month: July2016

“As a patient, I recognize and appreciate Dr. Wasserman and Dr. K’s professional expertise but I also appreciate their ability to listen, care and heal. The consistent professional standard of care by the doctors, massage therapists, and the office staff is second to none. The ease of making appointments, the effective treatment plans, and the prescribed stretches & exercises have been instrumental in alleviating my pain over the years. The ability to ease pain without the use of prescription medications is of great importance to me, as I prefer a more holistic & natural approach to my healthcare. For these reasons, I have never hesitated to recommend friends and colleagues, as well as my entire family who are now patients and advocates of Wasserman Chiropractic. Thank you for the awesome massages that provide relief and a sense of well-being; to the office staff who are always friendly, helpful, and responsive; and to Dr. Wasserman and Dr. K for always making yourselves available to speak with me; and conveying sincere care and concern for my needs.”

May 2016:

May 2016 Wonderful Staff

“I’ve been coming to Wasserman Chiropractic for 2 years. I came in with lower back pain. It hindered my walking from time to time. Since I’ve been coming in regularly and keeping my monthly maintenance appointments, all has been well. The doctors and the staff are professional, friendly, and accommodating. Overall, it is excellent excellent excellent !” F.R.

April 2016

April 2016 Patient of the Month

Over the years I’ve been to other chiropractic offices but the care from Wasserman Chiropractic is far more comprehensive and informative.  They not only treated my immediate problem but also showed me strengthening techniques to help with my long-term health.  I feel better now in the short time that I’ve been coming here than I have in a long time.

Jon Alexandrich

November 2015

November 2015 Patient of the Month

We have been patients of Wasserman Chiropractic for almost ten years.  Everyone at the practice is professional, friendly, and genuinely concerned about our health and well-being.   Regular chiropractic visits keep us feeling great and definitely reduce the number of days we are under the weather, especially during the winter months when colds and flu are all around us.  We look forward to many more years of terrific health with Wasserman Chiropractic! –

Andrea M.

September 2015

Patient of the Month: September 2015

My husband and I have been patients at Wasserman Chiropractic for several years. The treatments and massages are amazing. Dr. W and Dr. K are wonderful, and the entire staff is great. We always leave happy & feeling good.

Karen E.

June 2015

June 2015 Wonderful Staff

At Wasserman Chiropractic, both doctors are amazing and the staff is first-class. Everyone there truly desires to help patients and see them get well. They thoroughly explain everything and answer all questions. I totally trust them and would definitely recommend them!

April 2016