Why You NEED to See Me Within 2 Weeks of a Car Accident!

Posted on By Alex Wasserman
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The following is why you NEED to see me within 2 weeks of a car accident! This is a really important topic to cover today, so please read carefully and all the way to the end. This could end up saving you a ton of money. We are going to be talking about what you MUST KNOW related to getting into a auto accident in the state of Florida.

Car Accident Treatments

Florida is a no-fault state; what does that mean? That means that if you get into a car accident in the Sunshine State, your car insurance is obligated to cover your medical bills up to $10,000. Yes, you read that right. For the vast majority of people, this will be enough to cover all the medical care you need. However, there is a caveat: the statute states that a motorist has 14 days after an automobile accident to seek medical treatment from either a hospital facility, emergency transport, medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, chiropractor, or a dentist.

If one does not seek medical treatment within the 14 days, they have forfeited their coverage. This is purposely designed to get people to lose coverage! Knowing the rules and your rights can help make sure you don’t accidentally fall into this trip. Why is 14 days significant? Because it is common for symptoms to appear after days or even a couple weeks even though you don’t have pain immediately following your accident. If you were to wait until your symptoms started to bother you you just lost all the coverage you were supposed to get. This is why I URGE my patients, family, and friends to come in for care as soon as possible, regardless of if you have symptoms or not. Why? Because since you sought care within the 14 days, you now are able to get care in the future even if you develop symptoms later, regardless of how long.

Besides the 14 day rule, there are other obvious reasons to see a chiropractor for your car accident. The vast majority of car accident injuries affect the musculoskeletal system, and guess what? Chiropractors are the experts in musculoskeletal complaints. We will be able to send you for imaging, refer you to other specialists that may need to be involved, get you feeling better without drugs or surgery and even refer you to a lawyer who can help you through the legal process, if necessary.

That’s the basics of what you need to know if you get into a car accident in Florida! If you’ve been in a car accident in the last two weeks, call us right now at 561-747-5234! If you wait, you could be wasting $10,000 that is rightfully yours! Don’t miss out!