If you Sit at a Desk, You Probably Have Lower Crossed Syndrome

Posted on By Alex Wasserman

Chances are if you have a job in America, you’re sitting and working from behind a desk. Recent reports show that includes 86% of working Americans. All this sitting has caused biomechanical imbalances in our postures that contribute to some common pain syndromes. We’ve even given them a name. Let’s start with an imbalance that we observe in our lower body. This is called Lower Crossed Syndrome. First, let’s take a look at what this looks like:

Lower Crossed Syndrome

First let’s start with the weak muscles: by sitting for long hours every day we lose proper activation of our glutes and our abdominals. These are some of the most important muscles for stabilizing our lower spine. Without this stabilization we tend to fall into bad postures that can cause unnecessary strain on our spine. In our facility we can show you ways to combat these imbalances and properly support your spine.

Next we have the tight muscles: these are the muscles you will likely notice more because they are causing pain! This tightness is typically characterized by low back tightness and stiffness as well as tightness in the groin and hips. Again, from sitting all day these muscles are resting in a shortened position and naturally become tight through constant shortening. We will show you have to stretch and loosen these tight muscles to alleviate pain that will manifest in the lower back.  We can easily reverse these symptoms and pain-free work habits can be restored through chiropractic care and rehabilitative exercise,! Call us now at 561-747-5234 to find out how we can help you.