How To Keep Up Rehab Exercises At Home

Posted on By Wasserman Chiro

When you’re completing rehab for an injury or chronic pain, caring for yourself at home is just as important as receiving care at our office. We’ll provide you with tips and exercises to ensure that your recovery is as smooth as possible. But, struggling with treatment plan adherence can hold patients back from being their healthiest, happiest selves.

Here, we’ll talk about our best strategies for keeping up your rehab exercises at home. When you stick to your rehab plan, you’ll experience a shorter, easier period of recovery.

rehab exercises

Work Gradually

Building strength and stamina require time. So, don’t expect to reach all of your goals in a single day. Overloading your body right off the bat can lead to injury, as it’s not prepared to handle significant strain.

Start your rehab plan gradually, beginning with small steps as advised by your doctor. Over time, you’ll be able to safely add more repetitions of exercises to continue on an upward trajectory. But, to avoid getting injured or burning out, you need to start off at a realistic pace. Once you start seeing results over time, you’ll be glad that you began safely and with long-term progress in mind!

Keep Your Doctor Informed

The best rehab exercises for your body will evolve as you recover. The exercises that may be right for you at the start of the recovery period may not be optimal in a few months. So, it’s important to keep your doctor informed at each step along the way. Be sure to schedule and attend your follow-up visits. During these visits, we can track your progress and provide new at-home exercises as needed.

Make Sure That You’re Working Correctly

Your form while you complete rehab exercises should be your top priority. Without proper form, you may be using muscles incorrectly and could put your body at risk for injury.

So, pay close attention to the exercise instructions provided by your doctor. At Wasserman Chiropractic, we provide a patient exercise portal to help you continue your exercises properly and consistently at home. You can also check out our compilation of therapeutic exercises that you can do at home as a reference. If you ever have questions about an exercise, feel pain during an exercise, or are unsure as to the correct form for an exercise, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office.

Create a Routine

Completing your rehab exercises at home will be easier when it becomes part of your routine. Block out time each day to take a break from the screen and care for your body. As with any new habit, it will take time for your daily exercises to feel like second nature. But, before long, your rehab routine can be a part of the day to look forward to – especially once you start seeing the wonderful results that dedication can produce!

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