Things You Need to Know About Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Posted on By Alex Wasserman
Shoulder Injuries Treatment

Having trouble lifting your arms above your head without shoulder pain?

You may have Frozen Shoulder Syndrome!

You may have noticed that over the last few weeks or months, you can’t move your arm very much without shoulder pain. Especially as you get towards the end of your range of motion it feels restricted and painful. You are likely suffering from Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.

Frozen Shoulder signs and symptoms:

– loss in motion of the shoulder
– pain as you reach the end of your motion
– usually only on one side

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

The condition typically affects people between the ages of 40-70 and seems to affect women more often than men. This painful condition can often lead to the inability to perform your normal activities of daily living, such as brushing your hair or putting your shirt on. Fortunately, this condition is well-treated with chiropractic and there are many techniques that can be used to restore movement in the shoulder joint and get you out of pain! If you think that you may have this condition and want to get back to the things you used to do, don’t hesitate to make an appointment and seek treatment today!