Chiropractic Makes Pregnancy Easier

Posted on By Alex Wasserman
pregnant woman

Pregnant women: you owe it to yourself to learn how to take care of yourself during this stressful time!

One of the most common questions I get from pregnant women after learning that I’m a chiropractor is “can I get adjusted if I’m pregnant?” and the answer is yes! In fact, chiropractic can be immensely beneficial for you.


Your body is flooded with hormones during pregnancy and one of these hormones is called Relaxin. As the name implies, it helps relax all the joints throughout the body, for purposes of preparing for the baby to exit the birth canal. However, the hormone affects not only joints of the pelvis during pregnancy but also is still is around long after the baby has been born! This means that your joints are not acting properly and we need to assess and determine which joints are moving too much and how to stabilize them. This would be completed through specific rehabilitative exercise protocols that you will learn in the office and can do at home!

A common complaint of pregnant women is low back pain, which makes perfect sense. There is now plenty of extra weight in the abdomen that changes the mother’s center of gravity. This causes sudden and severe changes in the tension of the muscles and the pressure in the intravertebral discs of the spine. Through soft tissue techniques and adjustments we can alleviate muscular tension and improve the way we move our bodies.

Chiropractic Makes Pregnancy Easier

Another concern of pregnant women is regarding exercise. Can they exercise and how much? This depends on the unique abilities of the mother, but there are plenty of exercise routines that are absolutely safe to do that can be performed throughout the entire pregnancy. Sometimes the routines may need to be modified but regular exercise is safe and actively encouraged!

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