Interferential Electrical Stimulation

Interferential Electrical TherapyInterferential Electro-Therapy is a therapeutic treatment utilized to help relieve pain and promote soft tissue healing.

During the interferential electrical stimulation process, tiny amounts of electrical impulses are introduced into the tissues in the vicinity of the injury. In turn, a middle-frequency stimulation is created when these waves intersect below the surface of the skin. This prompts the body to secrete endorphins and other natural painkillers that help relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.

Patients receiving interferential electrical stimulation to treat ligament sprains, muscle strains and spasms typically report the following benefits:

  • Reduced inflammation.
  • Alleviation of painful symptoms, tingling and numbness.
  • Increased circulation.
  • Decreased local swelling.
  • Enhanced muscle tone.
  • Restoration of normal movement.

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