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Palm Beach Office. Dr. WassermanDr. Alex Wasserman heads our Palm Beach office. Dr. Wasserman is certified in the Graston technique and Active Release Technique, a soft tissue technique that can often provide immediate and effective relief in soft tissues. He has worked with many different athletes including track, swimmers, golfers, soccer players, and professional NFL, tennis and MMA athletes.

Our Services offered include:

Chiropractic adjustments are a technique and skill that are unique to chiropractic training. The adjustment can be used to align and mobilize fixated segments of your spine or other joints of the body. If there are areas of misalignment or immobility this can cause a chain reaction of other improper movements elsewhere in the body. Your doctor will be able to assess your body movements and determine if there are affected areas that can benefit from this treatment.

Active Release Technique is a world-class soft tissue technique that is utilized by many different types of therapists for muscle tightness and pain. This technique is the preferred treatment technique for Ironman athletes and is utilized in most professional athletic teams. This high-powered technique can be just as useful for the average person who suffers from tight and painful muscles. Dr. Alex Wasserman has maintained full certification as an Active Release practitioner for his entire chiropractic career and utilizes this technique daily.

Graston Technique is another soft tissue technique that focuses on abrasion of scar tissue in order to promote healthy healing of damaged tissues. This technique is most commonly used in conditions where soft tissue damage has occurred and improper healing has limited the mobility, function, or comfort of a particular area. A tool is used to assist in this technique in order to properly treat the damaged tissues and for deeper penetration of the fascial layers.

Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation is one of the most important facets of a patient treatment plan in order to promote faster and long-term results. Dr. Alex Wasserman’s many years of working with athletes have afforded him the opportunity to refine his exercise strategies and effectiveness for maximum performance in the shortest time. Simple but effective exercise plans may become a part of your treatment strategy if determined to beneficial to your recovery.

Auto Accidents: If you were in an auto accident you may be entitled to medical treatment at no cost to you. Florida is currently classified as a no-fault state, which means that it doesn’t matter who caused the accident, you still have benefits. You are required to seek treatment within 14 days of the accident to be entitled to these benefits! This is why it’s so important to make your appointment immediately so that you don’t lose out on these entitlements. We can guide you through the process and make arrangements handle your case for you.

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