Seatbelts Prevent Auto Accident Injuries in Coral Springs

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The Florida DMV reports that in a car accident, you are much more likely to be killed if you are not wearing a seat belt. In the State of Florida, all passengers in the front seat of cars, pick-up trucks and vans must wear a seatbelt, along with all passengers under 18 riding in the vehicle. Children aged 3 and younger must be secured in a federally-approved child-restraint seat, and children aged 4-5 must be secured by either a federally approved child restraint seat or safety belt.

The failure to wear a seatbelt is the primary cause of auto accident injuries in Coral Springs, Tamarac, Parkland, and northwest Broward. As a result, the importance of wearing a seatbelt cannot be overstated. Seat belts protect you from being thrown from a vehicle. If you are thrown from a vehicle, your risk of death is five times greater. By securing you in your seat, a seat belt protects you from being thrown into other people in the car and parts of your car. In addition, seat belts keep the driver in their seat so they can control the car.

If you sustain auto accident injuries in Coral Springs, FL, their effects can be lasting, and persist for years. Many of these Coral Springs auto accident injuries involve a lot of pain, stress and trauma, especially for those who suffer from whiplash. This condition occurs when the neck and head snap back-and-forth very quickly, injuring the ligaments, soft tissues, neck and lower back in the process.

In addition to whiplash, auto accident injuries in Coral Springs Florida can result in neck and back pain, muscle soreness and stiffness, and numbness and tingling in the arms or legs. Unfortunately, most people who have sustained auto accident injuries in Coral Springs and the surrounding area do not receive chiropractic care, as it is not presently available in emergency rooms.

Patients suffering from the effects of auto accident injuries in Coral Springs have realized excellent overall results with ongoing treatment by chiropractors in Coral Springs, Parkland, Tamarac and northwest Broward County. If you’ve utilized the services of a Coral Springs chiropractor to treat auto accident injuries in Coral Springs or the surrounding areas, we invite you to share your comments and results.